Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shame On Me

The issue of backing up my data has been on my plate for the past few months. The primary concern was really my older PC that my dad uses. It's getting old, the hard drive freezes, and so I've been wanting to shift the old data into the external drive. He hasn't been around much so I haven't gotten around to it and assuming the data is still intact since it just hangs, and doesn't completely prevent access. My current PC is also starting to act up as the fan on the power supply goes into loud whining every once in a while and then decides it's fine again.

I have to say though, of all the computers, my Macbook Pro was last on the list of things expected to fry. Shame on me. This is either the second, or third time I haven't backed up my data properly. It is a pretty complete disaster if I do, my photos, and recent projects are all on it without any form of backup and it'll be a complete disaster if I'm unable to scavenge any existing data.

Have I learned my lesson? Yes. Again. Will I actually apply the lesson towards the future? I hope so.

Hoping that I can still recover my files. And then when I'm done sulking I can start cursing Apple.