Sunday, December 16, 2007

Microsoft vs. Google

The theoretical or perceived notion that Google is going after Microsoft is somewhat of a joke. Google itself has not stated in any shape or form that they are intending of attacking Microsoft, but of course, Ballmer goes after everybody, not just Google, because he's just that kind of guy.

Eric Schmidt of Google states, "velocity matters." It sure does, and that is the one of the biggest reasons that Google succeeds. Software update cycles are commonplace and take place behind the scenes. If you haven't noticed, Gmail has done a major upgrade two weeks ago dealing with performance issues and a number of interface upgrades. This type of velocity doesn't take place at Microsoft which has a history of forcing upgrades for security issues, but also releasing patches way too far apart giving users somewhat of a disparate upgrade experience. The Microsoft periodic upgrades will shock people because of major changes, contrary to what Google does is by constantly changing their interface slowly and allowing users to test it out features one at a time rather than being overwhelmed with a complete interface overhaul.

How can someone state that Google is out to make money. Sure, it make tons of money. But it's all advertising.
For all of its achievements, no one can point at Google stating that its primary interest is to make money. Their bottom line so far is providing free services which have improved the overall Internet experience for everyone. Yes, Google's products are encroaching on Microsoft's marked territory (Office applications) and thus issuing a challenge, whether intended or not.
But, seriously, if people choose Google, then it's obviously for a good reason.
Google is much more serious about designing usable and innovative software. And everyone knows the bottom line is Microsoft is still about making money.

Shopping bags

The new trend in fashion and functionality is the emergence of reusable shopping bags.

These aren't the ordinary paper bags that stores provide for you to carry your purchase. They're all new plastic, or fabric-based bags with designer graphics of a higher production quality. The new trend in bags are flash, but they'll also store your stash! People are using them as an extended purse, storing items for daily use that would otherwise not fit in a regular purse.

It is a step into the future of preventing paper waste. It is an environmental boon that may also be a marketing and advertising bonanza. People gladly use their bags as a sign of being in style, but also mark themselves as slaves to the brand. I guess being a billboard is a small price to pay for going green.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I require some brief counselling and cake.

I just finished Portal. That has been one of the best video game experiences I've ever had. It's not a violent game at all but it is so rewarding and satisfying to play. It sends your mind to the wacked out dimension of thinking in lateral dimensions where you can create dimensional portals so you can walk through them and show up somewhere else in the same dimensional space. Confused yet? You just need to think in portals.

It's a thinking game that focuses on puzzle solving and that's why I love it. There is no relatable game play experience out there.
It requires a certain understanding of physics and I think it's possible to allow kids to play this in school as a demonstration in basic physics concepts such as kinetic energy and momentum.

Portal makes physics fun!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Ah damn. I was at Matt's place in Maple Ridge on Saturday. It was a pretty late LAN, which kinda sucked. We did a round of Battlefield 2, CS1.6, and tossed in a couple rounds of Halo3 for X360. It was a pretty good turnout. There was around 7 of us, though the late start was a waste. Most of us were sleeping by 5 but a couple were up until 7. Buncha crazies. They even went for breakfast after that.

I really miss LANning. I'm starting to get too old for it, but I haven't done enough of it to not want to do it.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Wacky weather

Only the other day, it was 0 degrees and the whole day was a contiguous stream of snow. Flurries pouring over the city blanketing it in white. That's all fine and dandy, but then today it was 13 degrees and torrential rain for the whole day.
There's probably going to be another water turbidity warning here like last year. The water level was really high this morning when I left for work, the canal/ditch on my street were almost overflowing. I've never seen it at that level before.

The effects of extreme weather are screaming in our faces. El nino, la nina, global warming, whatever it is, we have only seen the start of it.