Sunday, September 25, 2011

Conflicts of Design

I had a really difficult time trying to decide a direction with how to design my resume. My strategy was to come up with different approaches to the design and hope that one of the experiments would lead me to a specific path. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your philosophy, each one of the approaches held a different potential for something workable.

I got conflicting feedback, which sent me nowhere as I had the same problem choosing. However, I eventually decided to just choose one of the many promising ones and just tweaked it.

Information design is such an obsessive field for me, I am driven to find an optimal solution. If I had more time, I probably would keep exploring the possibilities and I guess I might come back just to see if I could develop it more, but for now I think I've spent enough time stressing over how to push text chunks.

Here's my final version: Resume (PDF)

And here's a few of my initial designs:



ResumeDesign, a set on Flickr.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Europe 2011

Bahnhof Potsdamer PlatzBahnhof Potsdamer PlatzBahnhof Potsdamer PlatzBahnhof Potsdamer PlatzSony Centre BerlinSony Centre Berlin
Siegessäule BerlinSiegessäule BerlinSiegessäule BerlinDB Bahnhof BerlinEh. What's up, doc?Building in Berlin
BerlinBerlin TV TowerPotsdamer Platz AlleyScandic Berlin Potsdamer PlatzBahnhof Potzdamer PlatzSony Center Berlin
Sony Center BerlinSony Center BerlinSony Center BerlinSony Center BerlinSony Center BerlinSony Center Berlin
Europe 2011, a set on Flickr.
This is a set of all of my best photos from my trip to Europe including locations in Amsterdam, Prague, and various cities in Germany!

I absolutely had a wonderful time visiting Europe this time around and took too many photos as I endured an extremely tiring process of having to select the photos which I seemed were good enough to post. =D