Monday, April 30, 2007


THE definition. I got my first paycheque. Woohoo! Guess what, the amount on it is a lot more than I was expecting it to be too. Double Wooohoo!?

Oh hell no. obviously not, I can't even cash it b/c they gave me too much. Is it so wrong to cash money I don't deserve? It's not my error, so, why not? Haha. Hopefully I can get this cleared up and get paid the right amount, or take an almost 2x pay increase, that would be Woohoo x3! =P

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cleaning Blinds SUX

I just spent more than 3 hours cleaning my blinds. I'm sure I didn't get all of it since one of the 3 sets is behind a table and I can't reach the top part, but I'm too tired to care right now.
My blinds are the standard aluminum ones, so I had to be pretty slow when I was wiping them.
Ungh, they're white so, yeah, the amount of buildup actually shows up when you're looking carefully. I didn't really notice since you can't really notice the white blinds darkening... geez.

So, remember to dust off your blinds even if they look clean, simple dust sweep can help you avoid loads of trouble later =/.

Hopefully this will help my allergies. If that's what is causing it anyway.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Soldier immigration

I just saw this on The Colbert Report yesterday. It's kinda funny and yet it's sounds like something that might hold some weight because it's so absurd. It's about the US' two major problems of lack of troops and the issue of illegal immigration. Well the concept was to offer legalized immigration for serving time in the military, but more specifically the current need of troops in Iraq. It's 2 problems that potentially could solve each other and make the US the benefactor at the end killing two birds with one stone.

It's a little silly, but the fact that Colbert brought it up just makes it even more absurd. But that's why it sounds so reasonable. The US can't possibly come up with that number of troops/new drafts, and there's still no way to control the influx of illegal immigrants from the Mexican border. There's also the existing illegal immigrants which still amounts to a lot. A lot of troops that is!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Been such a kickass week so far.

That intense game 7 against Dallas yesterday was so gut-wrenching especially after that terrible first period. But at the start of the second, the momentum shifted for Vancouver and never went back, and then started the parade of the Stars into the penalty box.

Anaheim game tomorrow night!

I left work early yesterday. For reasons that are obvious, I wanted to get home in time to watch the game. But, it was also fortunate that the phone grid in our area was down so no phone lines and no DSL = no work. So I got to leave early and even in terrible traffic managed to get home in time to watch the whole game.

I got off a little easy today too. I pretty much only did work half the time and spent the rest waiting for my boss to set up my next task, which he never did get running by the time I left.
At this rate, I'm going to be winning the lottery!


Saturday, April 21, 2007


Is it fair to shout at people even when they deserve it?

After watching the Canucks play a terrible game and moving them into a bad position after leading the series 3-1, they're now tied up at 3-3 and risk elimination on Monday. It's bad enough watching your home team do badly, but afterwards, about 2 hours after the game, my friend messages me saying "we're winning". I try to explain that the game was over and Canucks already lost, oh but no... it continues, "no" "the show it's on tv right now" "and i was watching with my bro" "it does say Vancouver" "i'm not blind Jeff" "my whole family was watching" "it's still on tv!"

Tensions run high especially with sports, but even more so since it's national playoffs. Honestly going up to someone after the team just lost badly and say "we're winning", how do you NOT expect to be ridiculed and spoken to like an idiot?

She wouldn't acknowledge that the Canucks lost and defender her claim and told me to go watch the channel. she also tried to cover herself by claiming that she hasn't watched recently. Seriously, you could see clearly on the rink that it says "Giants" which is obviously not "Canucks" and why would they be playing "PG". Any somewhat aware Vancouverite would know we're playing Dallas. Someone who can't tell the difference between junior leagues and the NHL, and who are claiming to be a fan and to cheer them on get pity from me. You don't get to pose and pretend to be cheering for the hometeam when you don't even know what they look like. Poser. Just because you pretend to know what you are talking about doesn't mean you can run your mouth off. Ungh. I don't know why this is pissing me off so much.


Yum Ensaymada!

I'm here eating a Goldilocks Brioche with CHEEEEEESE ensaymada. DAYYYYYAMN. So buttery and oily = So goooooood, and so badddd. I haven't had these in a few years so it's a little indulging. It's not as good as a true Goldilocks Ensaymada from Manila, but hey, this is close enough!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Canucks Lost =(

Though that was probably the best game I've seen the Canucks play. Over the whole series, I think this has been the only game where I've seen the Vancouver Canucks put pressure and play aggressive for all 3 periods + OT. Even though we lost, I still think Canucks will get far in the playoffs as long as they keep playing like this and Luongo keeps pulling ze magic rabbit out of ze hat. Unless he uses tonight's rabbit, then that's no good.

Hoping for Canucks > Dallas Stars 4-2 on Saturday. Game 7's are too stressful. yup yup

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

First day at work

I started today at Sentias. I'm still trying to get used to driving to North Van. The drive commute isn't too bad. It gets clogged in a couple of places, but it's relatively pretty fast and takes about an hour from Richmond.
Everyone's pretty nice there so everything is pretty relaxed. =)

Note to self: go abuse the free coffee machine

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lab Rats

Haha. I just watched last night's episode of CSI. I just LOVE the damn miniature killer storyline. Compound the fact that last night spotlighted the B-characters like Hodges. It was getting a little cheesy until the point that Hodges explains that it was lucky day.

With the corny happy music, then the episode felt truly alive. This is what makes the original CSI the most intriguing of all is its oddball writing and oddball characters. Definitely one of my fav episodes ever!

Now what's with the bleach?


I just started watching the 4400. It's a really interesting show to say the least. The choice of Vancouver as a filming choice definitely weighs as both as a pro and a con for me. I love to see them filming here, but I really couldn't take the show seriously with all the different locations of the story when I know that they're all just different buildings at UBC.

The choice of music is pretty similar to what I listen to, a little bit of dramatic flair with Nara by ES Posthumous, but a little redundant. The acting seems like a second rate sci-fi show, but the writing is pretty captivating. I love the little choices of morality, and the decisions of regarding the 4400 as humans or not. The show just reminds me of the X-men cartoon so much. I'm somewhat hooked, and I'm a little disappointed at how few episodes there are.


I really can't figure it out. Starting this morning, whenever I swallow my tongue and my mouth tastes like I'm drinking really creamy milk. It's weird but it tastes delicious. haha.

I had my second interview with Sentias today. It was a short interview with just the programmer/engineers. I think I did okay, I'm hoping I'll get an answer soon. Hmmmm...

Friday, April 06, 2007

On-the-fly blogging

I just heard about this concept. People are getting sick of myspace? Apparently they are shifting to something that's even more erratic and constantly messaging you now with new services where you can notify where you are and posting useless notes about what you are currently doing/feeling. I'm not just what type of social journalism society is going to create by exploring this type of technology, but I am certain it will be socially disruptive.

Sites like Twitter or even Google's Dodgeball has somewhat of a networking/community attraction. It's something that's never been tried before and truly brings people together, synchronize, and perhaps share a bubble of consciousness so that you always know what your friend is doing. I view this as destruction of privacy though, but then I guess this is what the users of those services actually want. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the concept, and I will concede that Google's Dodgeball is very useful if you just want to see if anyone is in your vicinity and invite them to come visit you. Yet, time will tell if social networking will actually advance society by integrating technology, or simply just creating another distraction that people will find a burden onto themselves.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

That voice

I gotta give props to Don Lafontaine. He has such a strong voice and a big sense of humour in that vid. Haha, I wish I had a voice like that. You could just narrate your own life and make people stare at you.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Kitchen Gadgets

I just found this article on CNN. I'm working on that recipe project right now, and hopefully I can interface it into that existing recipe app they have for ipod or even make my own.

Definitely take a look at those Tanita Digital Scales! It's not exactly a necessary piece of hardware, but they look so cool. Mebbe I'll go get one if I actually get serious about cooking more. Hehe!

Monday, April 02, 2007


I just read this article in Time magazine. It's a nice realization if it is true that these types of people are being ousted because of their behaviour, because if they didn't, they wouldn't know or care, and they'd still be disrupting everyone else. But I guess the article may have some point (that it vaguely describes) of how you should keep some of the jerks.

They may be more valuable to you rather than handing them to the competition.
They may give your work environment a necessary foil to keep everyone in check.

But I really don't see the benefits of those 2 things (because I can't think of any other positives) outweighing majority of "jerk environments" that exist in the real world.

[I guess this argument could actually apply to non-work related environments as well, I was actually considering the entire discussion on any type of situation. People should definitely be assholes at work, and neither should they be anywhere else. Except in sports, everyone likes assholes at sporting events (unless you're sitting beside them). They provide free entertainment!]