Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bus Decapitation

It's a little disturbing.... scratch that, it's really disturbing hearing about this story regarding the bus stabbing in Manitoba.

It's mystifying trying to comprehend what the person was thinking. Based on observations from the interviews, it seems like this was a random killing. A random attack, on a random person (unless he really, really wanted that corner seat at the back). It was premeditated though as the killer was armed with a survival knife and described as calm during the slaying.
The neck stabbing is one stage of trying to comprehend this. But then, the killer goes back and decapitates the victim. To behead is another level of extreme instability and aggression. It doesn't really stop there though, as the killer ramps it up again and is a sociopath by trying to distress other people as well by carrying the head around and slamming it against the door.

If the rumors about cannibalism are true, then this just goes beyond gruesome. This is pure terror.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The 5 Worst Ways to Die Hiking

The 5 Worst Ways to Die Hiking

Went up hiking at Buntzen Lake doing the Sendero Diez Vistas trail, though kinda screwed it up because instead of going the whole path around the lake, I doubled back on the route and took the same path down. Agh, so we missed all the viewpoints, but at least I got a good workout (almost) without killing myself.

5) Having a heart attack 30 minutes into a hike
The trail we chose was probably too hard for me. The initial vertical slope was pretty steep. For the first hour, I couldn't breathe, I was dizzy, seeing spots, colors, and imaginary people. After the first hour, it was better, probably because I threw everything up from IHOP breakfast, and threw up even though there was nothing left in my stomach.

4) Knocking myself out with a stick
There were a lot of wasps, bees, or moths, and flies. ANNOYING. I kept waving my walking stick around myself to get them off me, but when they kept buzzing around my head, my ears were hurting so I tried swinging the stick at them. I probably could have taken myself out.

3) Mauled by a black bear
On the way back from the hike, towards the parking lot. A bunch of people screaming came towards us. Nothing weird, they're just rowdy kids. "BEAR" "OMG That's the scariest thing I've ever seen. I don't even wanna do this anymore"(from a girl carrying a life vest). "

I heard a scream while we were still on the other side of the floating bridge... but didn't think anything of it. It kinda makes sense now.

2) Mauled by a cub
When we were taking the alternate path to the parking lot (to avoid the bear), we turned around and realized there was a cub following us (a group of about 15 people). As it kept coming towards us, we hastily ran away, turning back every so often to check it wasn't still following us.

1) Impaling yourself on a walking stick
I almost fell on my walking stick, which was just a wooden branch. If I took a wrong step and actually tripped, my weight could probably have driven it straight through me. Then I would look like a complete retard.