Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mid-term update

I think I should have listened to my friend who recommended 3 courses per term. I thought I was burned out before, but every week forwards seems like I am finding a new level of burntness. haha.

IAT 337 - Representation and Fabrication
Poster for multiple configuration/product family model
I love my Bodum teapot. I love how the glass looks in my renders
Assignment 2 - Representation of a product family/multiple configurations

IAT 380 - Sound Design
Sound Design for Mass Effect 2 Trailer Clip

A re-design of the sound/audio using sound libraries for effects. The source footage is from EA/Bioware's trailer for Mass Effect 2.

IAT 344 - Moving Images
Lazarus - A video cinépoem.

This was a really odd project. I'm not entirely happy with the result, but I figured it's worth showing projects that aren't successful either.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Burn bright. Burn hot.

As I write this, I'm coughing, sick, worn down, and recovering from sleep deprivation from the last week of school deadlines. Yet, I'm quite happy with the situation as I've been able to deliver work I'm proud to put my name on. The trade-off between being satisfied with quality and work and my health isn't really a good argument I'm going to justify (because I don't really believe in it, but I do it anyway).

I've never pushed myself this much before but I'm glad I do. It also helps me understand how people who deliver amazing work achieve it. You push yourself to your limit, and then you push yourself some more. It's akin to pain. You push yourself to your pain tolerance threshold, and then you stop. You try again and realize it hurts a lot less and your threshold goes up. I realize this works the same way for success, you push yourself to do the best work possible, until you can't do it anymore, but you keep pushing how far you can go, and you realize you get stronger after every barrier. It all depends on your willingness to break through.

The only difference between success and pain, is the satisfaction of being able to have accomplished something that you have set out to do. The struggle is always worth the glory, well if it wasn't, there would be no glory. The easy things in life have no meaning. So burn bright, and burn hot. Always.

I feel like I've accomplished good work, but any feedback or critique is always appreciated. =)

IAT 337-Representation and Fabrication
Solidworks model of a kitchen object.
The assignment is on-going. About 50% done the second stage of this
Solidworks model of a Bodum Assam Teapot
(Number of actual holes reduced to deal with computer limitations)

IAT334-Interface Design

A revised email interface for a potential branded e-mail client.
Props to my partner Julia for making the Fidomail logo!

Mobile phone app prototype about post wisdom tooth surgery dental care.
This is about 75% done to make a running application. Super props to my partner Xiaojie for all the amazing graphics and sketches!

IAT 344-Moving Images (Film and Video course)
Life's Passion - a movie about a certain skater's drive and passion for the sport and his journey in crossing to a different culture. Majority of the credits have to go to my partner Trevor Komori.
(Just hoping to have the next 2 projects for this course turn out just as well.)

Life's Passion

IAT 380-Sound Design
Inhospitable. Sound design
This was a "musique concréte" piece that will need a pair of actual monitoring headphones to be able to produce some of the sounds. Mixed in ProTools, generated sounds from Logic Pro, and recorded samples using a Zoom H4N Recorder.

  Inhospitable (WAV)

Outside of my school work, I also finally updated the Metronomic widget application. It hasn't been working since the latest OS X update and so I was receiving some emails to fix it. I've given the UI a little bit of a rework.

Metronomic v1.0
Metronomic - Metronome dashboard widget
I'm also starting to plan out the changes for the next version already with requests of adding some type of light visualization, and some other features that allow for more customizability and personalization.

I'm going to go get some sleep now. Or at least try. :o