Sunday, October 28, 2012

Interaction Design Methods Midterm Portfolio

I'm currently taking a class on Interaction Design Methods (IAT333) and we just finished our midterm portfolio at

We're currently researching a prenatal yoga group as our interaction research participants.
We have launched cultural probes, and through analysis of these probes, created personas and foundation sheets. Exploring these personas, our team developed informances and journey frameworks to try and understand possible problems that exist in our participant's lives.

Our current problem definition is about reducing back pain and improving mobility for these pregnant (and also post-partum!) soon-to-be mothers.

Our team had some fun especially with convincing one of our team to pretend to be pregnant and act out a scenario :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Haema is a project designed to create critical reflection. It plays on people's sense of safety and security with the sight of blood. This is a speculative design meant to create a conflict in understanding. For the person wearing the shirt, they are concerned about the welfare of someone in their family while bystanders are concerned about the health of the person appearing to be bleeding.