Friday, March 08, 2013

Dutch Design Prefield Research - Rotterdam Architecture

Erasmusbrug by Niels Dukker

I just finished a presentation this week on Rotterdam architecture to my Dutch Design field school group and I was really excited about presenting the Erasmusbrug in Rotterdam. I dived into studying more about cable-stayed bridges and went on a tangent during my presentation talking about the technicalities of bridges especially with the different types of cable-stayed bridge designs. My fascination of it was also coupled with the Erasmus Bridge's secondary personality of being a bascule bridge and I also went on a sidebar talking about the difference between single-leaf and double-leaf bridges.
It is starting to hit me now how soon I will be departing for field school. I am hypnotized and intrigued with all the research we are doing and the build-up of preparation and anticipation.

One really big aspect is that I was able to visit most of the cities we will be visiting in the Dutch Design/Northern Europe Field School. I have seen a lot of the sights before but was not familiar with the relevance and information as I am studying them now. I am anticipating an in-depth experience of comparing the stark contrast in seeing things without and with knowledge and analyzing the perception from both perspectives.