Sunday, December 07, 2008


Today was a good day.
I got World of Goo from the WiiWare library. I was anticipating this title since last year. I'm always a big fan of physics based simulations, especially games like Bridge Builder, Pontifex, and those other random Flash based games.

I also saw the new Marvel movie, Punisher: War Zone. All of Marvel's new releases have been solid and this one just adds to its current track record. The movie was VERY violent. I have to warn against that. It's extremely disturbing with its violence and gore.

It is a solid film, but it's not a good movie overall. The Punisher series has always been about the action because the story is so simple, and that it delivers. This is all about the guns, gore, and cheesy lines. Only go watch this if you're a Punisher fan.

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