Sunday, April 19, 2009

Choice of words

Everyone communicates to each other every day. We talk, send e-mails, text messages, letters, and other various methods. Through our words, we share our ideas. With our ideas and words, we also evoke and elicit emotion.

When was the last time you put thought into thinking into your choice of words? Think about the following. I was visiting a friend's place. I told her "you have a nice house", and got a generic reply of "thanks". I realized I didn't get my message across. I didn't elicit the full impact of the emotion I was feeling. I followed up again saying "I meant, you have a lovely home".

The basic difference is saying "nice house" as opposing to a "nice home". In general terms, they have the same meaning. However, saying "nice home" implies an extra level of emotion. Saying the word 'home' describes more than the physical appearance of the place, and rather talks about the warmth of the surroundings, how relaxing it is the be there, and most importantly, the hospitality of the hosts.

I'm not saying you should say 'nice home' just whenever you go to a friend's house. This is more about communicating effectively. If you feel at ease in their house, then say it, but don't just toss it around just because you can connect more easily. Be honest. Be truthful. Communicate what you truly mean by choosing your words wisely.

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