Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old Journals

I'm going through one of my old journals dating between Apr 16, 2000 and May 6, 2001.

I'm reading through each entry and some of the entries are making me cringe as I remember how different I was back then. A lot of memories of lost opportunities reinforces my thoughts on blaming it as youthful ignorance. Analyzing the writing makes me worried for the person who I was then. My script/handwriting was wild and erratic. My mind was in a severely emotional state.

A couple of notable observations-

A victory on achieving my learner's license on June 27, 2000.

Talking about my second knee surgery in August 2000, as well as about getting the staples removed the following week.

Sessions of ez2dancer with a friend at Richmond Public Market

Generally giddiness talking to girls

Apparently I did something called VOing. Not convinced but I think it might have had something to do with a game called Virtual-On

Being able to date with precision the first time I met a friend

I'm not sure I actually wanted to read most of this journal. It creates mixed emotions of mostly negative feelings. I thought I had buried most of who I was back then, and that's mostly true. Though reading through these entries stirs up the old feelings of doubt and disappointment. I was hoping this exercise would have provided catharsis but I think it may have done the exact opposite instead.

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