Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Summer 2011 Annual BBQ

Muchos gracias to James for prepping the excellent food and everyone for coming!
Hope you all had a blast and see you next year! (Or sooner hopefully =D)

Food Menus (Kudos to Tina for prettifying the menus that wasn't entirely artistic from my rendition)

No one was really taking photos so I didn't really end up with much to choose from

Mum mixing up some fresh fruit juice

Chef James and Bonnie + Tim

Where the action is!

Cedar Plan Salmon

My awesome fruit bowls! (Well, the bowls are mine, which are actually honeydew shells! Booyah)

Setting up for poker

Melissa and Alex getting their Dance Central groove on

Peter wins the first round of poker...

Mike dancin!

Poker round 2

Showdown between me and Matt for round 2

Henry finishing up the rest of the fruit salad

Awesome BBQ this year. Lots of new ppl and lotssssss of foooooooooood.
Poker round 1 goes to Peter.
And poker round 2 goes to me, Jeff! Yeehaw

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Katy said...

Another amazing annual tradition that I can only participate remotely after-the-fact through photos? :*(