Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mid-term update

I think I should have listened to my friend who recommended 3 courses per term. I thought I was burned out before, but every week forwards seems like I am finding a new level of burntness. haha.

IAT 337 - Representation and Fabrication
Poster for multiple configuration/product family model
I love my Bodum teapot. I love how the glass looks in my renders
Assignment 2 - Representation of a product family/multiple configurations

IAT 380 - Sound Design
Sound Design for Mass Effect 2 Trailer Clip

A re-design of the sound/audio using sound libraries for effects. The source footage is from EA/Bioware's trailer for Mass Effect 2.

IAT 344 - Moving Images
Lazarus - A video cin├ępoem.

This was a really odd project. I'm not entirely happy with the result, but I figured it's worth showing projects that aren't successful either.

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