Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dutch Design - Day 37 - Amsterdam Day Trip "Is this the worst or what?"

We were able to schedule an additional interview with De Culinaire Werkplaats, but since they are in Amsterdam, we had to take a day trip out. I was nervous because we decided to take our bicycles as well so we wouldn't have to take the trams when we get in to the city. Although I'm pretty confident on a bicycle now, my initial experience biking in Amsterdam still made me nervous.

The crowds of bicycles were my biggest worry, and yeah, they were still something to deal with, but it wasn't as difficult as it was on the slower side being a sunday. Whew!

I got to try a different role for this interview as we had a different set from the usual film crew. Sound and audio was my responsibility for this session and I had an interesting time trying to handle the boom mic. Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing of De Culinaire Werkplaats are really intriguing people. I love how they call themselves 'initiators' instead of something else. They view themselves as provokers of thought on the subject of food. The way they approach their craft brings a much more fresh approach to culinary design and instead of just focusing on the taste, they focus on the why. Ideas of thinking about food, what we eat, where it comes from, why we eat what we eat, why we prefer one food over another, why does this cost this much, why, and why and why. They question the whole notion of what we think of as food and it's incredible to break out of the box and think about the reasons behind everything we know about food.

Afterwards, we decided to have dinner at the place that we were told about. Worst. What a name. The Worst. Get it? Haha. But yes, they specialize in sausages, like wursts. They were delicious, they have some great standard dishes like the kipcurrywurst curry chicken sausage and the lamwurst lamb sausage. A few items on the menu seemed especially unique like the kreeftenworst met koolrabi en spinazie lobster sausage with kohlrabi and spinach or the veal tongue "weisswurst" with lentil and leeks or what I really want to try but didn't, the pieds de cochon (pig feet) with white beans and roasted tomato. Mmmm. Must come back!

Charcuterie plate

kreeftenworst met koolrabi en spinazie lobster sausage with kohlrabi and spinach

Lamb sausage

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