Sunday, September 30, 2007

VIFF: Deep in thought

I went for a double header tonight.
Both deep and foreign.
Secret Sunshine is a Korean film about a mother who is dealing with loss and tragedy. This movie made me scratch my head, and I'm still processing it. It's a very chilling drama and it's hard to fully comprehend it. Viewing raw, unfiltered grief and anger is a lot different than what you see in most modern films and this takes a look around that alley of what people could and do go through. The direction is all over the place and creates an atmosphere of the world passing by as I'm sure how a lot of people feel when they have something on their mind.

Beaufort is a psychological Israeli war drama about the pullout of the IDF from the Beaufort post in Southern Lebanon.

These movies are a lot to chew on. It's quite different than what I went to see on thursday which was For The Bible Tells Me So, which is still a relatively serious film with a sociopolitical debate on religion and homosexuality in current society.

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