Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blogging drought

I have been without internet for the past few days and with all the preparations for my grandma's funeral, I've been busy.
I'm tired, exhausted, and when I get back to Canada, I'll be overwhelmed again with the load of things I have to do.
My brain is bursting with exclamations of incomprehensible jargon as my mind is struggling with the load of responsibilities and obligations.

The one respite I have I guess is watching some Discovery Channel here. I have nothing to do at my house when I'm at home so I can actually watch television. One really interesting show I saw this morning was a special on Ayurveda. It is the traditional, or rather, aliopathic, form of medicine that is used in India. I think these forms of natural medicine should be considered more seriously in modern medicine on the basis of having been used and been effective for a long time. They have existed before the invention of modern scientific standards and really have no reason to be ignored. Besides, it's much more fun being rubbed down with oil rather than popping a few pills.

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