Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chef Jeff: Wine-steamed Mussels

I bought the mussels at Superstore. Large, fresh Atlantic Mussels for CDN$2.99/Lb. I probably got too much ending up buying a total of CDN $12 worth of (61) mussels. My recipe is based off a wine-steamed clams recipe from

Make sure to leave holes in the plastic so that the mussels don't die before you cook them. If you're not cooking the mussels soon after you take them out of the water, you must keep them alive by either putting them on ice (but make sure they don't die from freezing) or use damp towels to keep them moist.

Chop onions up and some garlic and saute them with some olive oil in low heat until they are soft. Pour in white wine. Put mussels in to steam. Once mussels are open, they are okay to remove. In the pot is the remainder of the white wine and juices released from the mussels. I use these juices and mix in some parsley, butter, and some of the garlic to create as a sauce and then pour over the mussels.

Overall result: 4/5
I'm pretty happy with the overall result. It was odd that it was a little on the salty side considering I didn't add any salt at all. Next time, I might not even bother with the parsley and butter and just pour the cooking juice without adding anything to it.

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