Friday, November 20, 2009

Chef Jeff: Three-Cup Chicken 三杯雞

I decided to try this dish because this is one of my mom's favorites. There used to be a place that we frequented that made a kickass Three-cup Chicken. Unfortunately, they're no longer in business. =( The recipe I used is from recipezaar. This was a pretty fun dish to do, very straightforward and very delish. This is a classic Taiwanese dish that everyone loves.

Mostly just chopping needed. Chop the chicken into bite sized chunks. Mince the garlic. Julienne the ginger. Chop the Serrano peppers into slices. Chop the scallions.

Saute the garlic, and ginger and the pepper in the sesame oil. Once they're warmed up, toss in the chicken. Once they are white, mix up the soy, rice wine, and sugar in a bowl and then pour it into pot. Here's the point where I screwed up, I was supposed to put it on low heat, but it seems the burner I used doesn't really do low heat. The simmer in low heat at this point was supposed to go for 30 minutes, but by 15 minutes, the sauce was already dried up.
I managed to salvage it by continuing on. It wasn't a disaster, just a little dry with no sauce.
To finish up, put the scallions and the basil in at high heat for 2 minutes.

Overall result: 4.5/5
The one major screw up was the drying out of the sauce. I'm pretty happy with the flavor though it's a little off, it might have been the fact that there was not enough sauce and not having the simmer probably lacked the proper flavor infusion. I only used about 1 bunch of basil though I probably should have used 2 instead to give it more of a fragrant smell.
You can see in the last photo where my mom is trying to scrape the remainder of the sauce with the rice from the pot. Hahaha.

Apply low heat properly
Try using more basil
Maybe less soy and more rice wine (Dad found it a little too salty)

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