Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Olympics Vancouver 2010

I am disappointed I will not be in Vancouver for the Winter Olympics. How many times can someone experience the Olympics coming to their city? It's a catastrophic failure of opportunities, but equally I have to weigh the benefits of not having to deal with the insane traffic and congestion that will probably cripple the city's streets. The multiple venue structure has the potential to create havoc in Whistler, Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Richmond, maybe cascading into a problem for the majority of the lower mainland. There's also the fact that Vancouver now poses as a target for security threats and terrorist attacks.

Those are probably relatively small prices to pay for the opportunity to see the Opening or Closing Ceremonies, Canadians winning on native soil, and hopefully Canada taking the gold for ice hockey.

If I was going to be in Vancouver, I really wanted to be a volunteer. The chance to represent the city, the nation, and participate in something as huge. This is something that happens so rarely and maybe only happens once in a lifetime. I'm torn at the conflict but I have obligations to attend to so I do not really have much of a choice.

Do you believe?

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