Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To - NyC - To in 52 hours

Yeah, So.... I just spent 16 hours in the last 2 days sitting in the car.

My parents + me + my aunt/uncle/cousin + other cousin drove down to New York City to visit our newly married cousin Ahya Clarence and Atsi Lisa. The drive itself was relatively straightforward. Well, we did stop at a really new casino in Niagara Falls called the Fallsview.
We started off from Niagara Falls around 1:00 at night, and we pretty much drove all night on I-90/I-87 and getting into New York City around 10:30 in the morning. We took a look at Ahya Clarence's new house in Queens. They have some home improvement issues to address, but other than that it looked like a nice neighborhood.

NYC Drivers
1. What are lanes?
2. Cutting? You mean switching lanes!
3. Who uses signal lights?

NYC has the worst drivers I've ever seen. I think I'd have a heart attack if I ever drove there. NYC also has the worst highway system. There's overpasses, underpasses, turnpikes, criss-crossed highways, and an absolute mess of a driving jungle. You need to make a minimum of 10 "exits" to actually get where you're going. There's no such thing as a straight-line route.
We went shopping as the first stop in our city adventure. We drove through the Holland Tunnel to visit the giant Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall in Jersey City, NJ.
It was packed so we didn't really spent too much time there, but I did get a new kickass pair of white Nike runners.
We got to try a pretty good Malay/Thai restaurant in Manhattan's Chinatown on the first night called Penang. The dishes we ordered were kinda... weird because multiple ppl were ordering, so it was half Malay, and half Chinese style food.

I got to go on a night tour around Manhattan with my cuz Charles' courtesy of his girl friends in the city. We ate at some place called Brooklyn Diner on 57th St. Their Strawberry Blonde Cheesecake was awesome! but I was too full and couldn't finish it.

The Apple store on 5th ave? YEAH. It looks so awesome at night! I didn't get a chance to see it in the day. I didn't realize it went underground, and the parking was really bad when we were going around that area so we didn't bother going in. The glass structure really just puts a lot of the other stores to shame because of the amount of space they took and how trendy it is.

Shopping mostly on day 2, but I got a nice walk around Battery Park. We missed the ferry to Liberty Island, so we mostly just checked out the antics of street performers in the park. "You'll see black guys run real fast! Without cops behind!" quoted from the performers themselves Lolz!
It was lucky we were going around on Sunday since there were less tourists, especially at the Empire State Building. I took some night shots from the 80th floor, but I'm not sure how they turned out yet. It was so damn windy outside on the walkway, I think I may have lost grip on my camera at least 5 times when I was taking pictures off the side of the building.
We had dinner afterwards at Carmine's, a popular westernized Italian place just off to the side of Times Square. I got to see the little post where they drop the New Year's ball!
After dinner, we started on our way back to TO. We left around 10:30pm and somehow got back to the border by 6:30am. Crazy non-stop driving. I'm still tired since I didn't get much sleep, although I nodded off quite a bit (No, I wasn't driving, or we'd all be in scraps of metal).

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