Friday, July 27, 2007

Tv = Bored--

I'm watching a pre-air copy of Bionic Woman right now. It's pretty interesting and certainly something fresh. I'm always surprised whenever I find a new show filming in Vancouver, and there were pretty obvious scenes with UBC. Some other new shows also seem pretty promising, which is to say, that they have decent storylines, good acting, and stand a decent chance of not being shelved.

Kill Point, is a new thriller on Spike with John Leguizamo playing an Army Sergeant returning from the frontlines of war to return to the States to rob a bank with his platoon only the heist goes wrong and instead, the platoon is stuck in a siege inside the bank. He plays against a quirky, grammar-obsessed hostage negotiator played by Donnie Wahlberg.

Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles. I'm not really sure yet about this show. It's going to be either really stupid or...really really really stupid, but it'll just be good because it is so stupid. I still don't think Summer Glau can act, other than being mental, which she truly fits here as a Terminator. Lena Headey is definitely a perfect fit for Sarah Conner, and same goes for Thomas Dekker as John Conner. The casting is pretty strong, but so far, the writing is a little bit questionable.

I'm definitely a big fav for Bionic Woman now. A lot of the actors are being borrowed from Battlestar Galactica, so that's a shoe in for the case of solid casting. The direction is pretty unique and gives a very naturalistic gritty touch to the sci-fi scene, very quite similar to BSG.

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