Saturday, October 20, 2007

Back from Seattle!

Now I'm sad, home alone.

I went with my sis and her husband down south on Wednesday night. I'm so exhausted driving the whole week. I had to drive all night considering we left as soon as I got home from work and it was raining heavy all night all the way down to Renton.

Our first stop was Boeing. We did the Boeing tour and it was awesome! The tour consisted of an hour trip around the factory. We could only see 2 of the 5 (or is it 6?) hangars of the factory, which is only about 1/4 of the entire complex. It is MASSIVE. It's 1/3rd of a mile deep. I don't think any words would be able to describe the immensity of the building. You have to see it yourself. The hangars we could see were the construction areas for the 777 and the new 787, also known as the Dreamliner.

Next stop was the SuperMall in Auburn. The mall has turned into a pretty quiet place. It's really crappy now, and it shows with the lack of people there. But, with slow business, comes GREAT deals! Even without using the discount card we got from the information centre, the prices were so low that I would feel bad not buying their merchandise!

We pretty much blew our allotment for our trip based on how much we spent that one day that we didn't buy anything when we went to Seattle Premium Outlets. I'm so disappointed when I realized that the personal exemption limit was bumped up.

My sister left yesterday and so now I'm home alone. =(

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