Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Technology in the electricity marketplace

There's been a test run of user-driven electricity-on-demand technology done in Washington, and I've got to say, this type of infrastructure could revolutionize the world in terms of energy demands. The framework itself could apply to other things and reduce consumption and be more dynamic to regional/national/world economics and force people to pay attention to supply and demand on a daily scale.

It may be more of a hassle to individuals in the short run, but I think people would eventually appreciate the higher level of control being able to shop the energy industry like a market or a grocery and consciously pay regarding on your own budget. It's a counter-point to having to pay something because you have no idea how much it's going to cost in real-time and so you blindly use it until you get the check. Real-time marketing, or as the article terms it, service-oriented architecture (SOA), is going to hit the market like a sledgehammer, people will not be adapt properly unless the technological model is done correctly.

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