Thursday, June 11, 2009

Purge Update: Day 17

I have found some of my old journals. I am reading through some of the entries and though the memories are not bad, the feelings they stir up make me weep inside. These entries are dated Nov 1998.
One entry that brought up emotions of regret was an encounter with an old classmate a few years from the last time I saw them. I really have to think of how different I would be had I not moved, or at least not transferred schools. In some ways, I think that move broke me as a person.

-I was also pretty geeky writing about my current status of video games I was playing. I was playing through Wild Arms(PSX) at the time, and also distressed because my CD-ROM was broken and couldn't play Starcraft (which I think was brand new at the time).

-I was contemplating entering the Incentive program... I took the steps to get in, and once I did, I was mocked by some of them.

-Wow... I was still part of the Maverick Hunters group on AOL at this point.

-A girl I used to know (and who I had a crush on)... our families aren't as close anymore, and I think that was the last time I saw her. (Actually, I think I saw her again at UBC, but I couldn't remember who she was)

-I was really into SchoolReach... I have old scores listed against Cambie

-Ah table tennis. I was so terrible then. That was one of the worst things I could have done. Join a sport that I was terrible at.

Dec 1998
-Watched Enemy Of The State (has it really been that long? that was a good movie)

I have some weird dreams and in some of them I actually remember a name (But have no idea who they are)
-some type of relationship with a Sharon Riviera

-Golfing at Mayfair with Kenny, scored a 74 on 9 holes(wow, terrible)

-Starcraft 3on3 versus Kelly's classmates: our team Kelly(Demolition Squad), Haley(Tumulus), and I (EnforcersEliteX) vs his classmate Justin (TheAzzKicker), (Comy), (@Protoss), and (Terminix-Man). We played 3on4 and still won on BGH

-one of the TAs at Palmer told me she wasn't coming back next year b/c she was moving. (weird)

-seems like I was really pissed. I created the WAS Webring, (War Against Sigma, I think, which was a Mega Man website webring). The assistant I assigned took my admin status and took credit for the webring and all of my hard work along with it. There are mentions of revenge, his name, and stabbing. (LOL!)

-I was watching Reboot and Shadow Raiders. (Those shows are sooo ancient now but were good for their time)

-Excited about the release of Starcraft: Brood War

-commented on the invasion of Iraq (Dec 16, 98). Operation Desert Fox was a deployment for Iraq's lack of cooperation with UNSCOM/ UN Weapons Inspectors

-playing Mario Kart 64. Whoo!

Okay, I just realized how much there actually is in this journal and am going to stop.
I'm trying to figure whether or not to toss it out.

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