Friday, June 05, 2009

Purge Update: Day 11

I have been slowing down in the past few days. I have gone through my toss pile and now weeding through the items I want to keep and trying to organize how to minimize the space the stuff I... ahem, I don't want to say keep, but rather things I would rather not toss out... Books, some class notes and projects.

A few nights ago, I was in the hospital with some physical issues. I'm hoping first of all, that I'm okay, and after that I hope it goes in line with my re-organization and allows me to re-focus on my overall socio-engineering plan. Let me explain a little bit more of the plan. I will come up with a cooler name and acronym later.
1) Mind+Clarity. First step is obviously the re-organization of my room. The symbolization of the purge will be a strong factor in removing elements from my old identity and most of the excess baggage I have kept for the past few years. Allowing me to shift positions of furniture in my room and just change the overall feel will allow me to clear my visual space and optimize the layout for better feng shui. (Reverse profile: clean out my room and pay attention to the new layout, add personality to room)
2) Physical. I've gone on a little break for the past few weeks but I will re-double my efforts in exercising. I will continue on with badminton and hopefully expand into something new. I am looking towards trying a martial art. I am still researching my options for this. (Reverse profile: move)
3) Social. I went into this a little bit. Still trying to break the shell. Inhibitions are being shoved into oblivion, but hopefully I still keep myself in check and not go overboard. Hear me speak? Then it's an improvement. Hear me tell a joke? You've seen true progress. (Reverse profile: TALK MORE)
4) Expression. I need to speak my mind. I need to express people how I feel. I am a thoughtful person and I will help when I can. I am trying to change how I dress. I am getting rid of a lot of my clothes that I feel that no longer represents what I wish to be. (Reverse profile: Graphology- write bigger, change my wardrobe)
5) Aggression+Speed. I am calm. Too calm. I tend to be still and be a rock to the environment around me. I hesitate. Decisions I make tend to be over thought and take too long.
I need to shift this more towards Sun Tzu's teachings of water. Still and calm when peaceful. But when it moves, to be swift and powerful. Slowly and surely it moves mountains. I have to learn to rely on my instincts, decide, and follow through and not be afraid of making mistakes or regretting decisions. Measure twice, cut once, cut deep, cut fast.(Reverse profile: decide. now.)

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