Friday, January 12, 2007

Back on the Rails!

It's snowing.... It's... -11 degrees right now, I'm hiding and not going outside. Too cold, there's been some snow here in Richmond, but it's still assailable. The next snow storm will definitely send the traffic into shock, though I'm sure it already is in Burnaby and Vancouver.

I'm taking another crack at Ruby on Rails again. I think I'm doing a lot better this time because I was thrown off by initial shock the first time. Attempting another try with a project in mind really helps so I can actually apply things on the fly instead of blindly reading through the manual. I'm getting the hang of it. I really must admit that the framework is genius. But it's still a bit esoteric in the examples / tutorials.

They really need a step-wise objective-based tutorial system to apply certain changes. I'm using the Agile Web Development with Rails book and the straight run through approach that they do is really unhelpful. It only makes me scratch my head and think I'm stupid because they're doing all these things in a few minutes while I take a couple hours to try and understand what single steps are for, and why they do it.


Countdown to trip: 16 more days

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