Monday, January 22, 2007

Macbook Pro trying to kill me

Both of my index fingers look alright. They physically look complete and unscathed. However when I put a little bit of pressure on it, my nerves feel like they've been singed.

So... the cord for my power adapter on my Macbook Pro, is well, rather defective. I didn't notice it until now, but the plastic cord end housing near the mag-safe end is starting to melt. I think I may have singed my fingertips trying to touch it. I didn't notice since the damage wasn't really visible from the top. There are wires sticking out now, and the end of the housing is pretty much "blown outwards" like an umbrella, and partly melted in a couple of different spots. There's exposed wiring, and I could smell ozone when it was plugged in earlier.

Hopefully I can go get this changed out rather quickfast, since I'm not too happy not being able to work on my lappy. I am rather getting quite attached to my work environment being on OS X.

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Me said...

how crazy i feel sometimes that i didn't make the switch sooner. hahahahahha