Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Poker's Eve

I was at River Rock Casino tonight with my parents. My mom was playing the slots while, my dad and I were playing something called Pacific Poker. It's a mix in-between Texas Hold Em, and Lottery. We lost on 9 of the 10 tickets, but we managed to actually win on our last live ticket. Drawed a full house and managed to win back the original bets and then some. It was a lot because only 3 people out of... I have no idea how many actually, beat the house hands.

After that, I went home and continued playing more Poker After Dark Freeroll Tournaments for a shot at a table spot on the Poker After Dark tv show to play with pros. I almost won a spot to round 2 qualifiers, but I managed to lose again. This time though was my best finish with an unbelievable 3rd place. Had I beaten one more, I would have earned that spot. Oh well... I got a couple more days to try again.

If you're bored, take a look at me boxing on the Wii.

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