Saturday, May 05, 2007


I'm a little knocked off balance right now. I went on a 1-night cruise last night from Vancouver to Seattle. Got back this morning. Basically we left around 6 yesterday, and then arrive in Seattle in the morning and take a bus back so we got back around 12. It's a really short trip, but it's something to do. Haha It's like a mini-vacation.
The fare was pretty cheap, it was only 120 CDN per person, including transfer and taxes. I'm not too happy with the cruise line though. The restaurants were closed pretty early. I usually expect some place to be open 24 hours since, well, that's what cruise lines are good for, food, food, and food, whenever you want. We rode NCL, or Norweigan Cruise Lines. The food is my only complaint since we didn't really get to try much of the other facilities. But as is, it's a cruise ship and if it fails on food, it fails in a very major way.

The cheap fare is good though, hopefully I can find some other ones like this but on other cruise lines, they're pretty fun as a weekend trip if you have nothing else to do. :D

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