Monday, May 14, 2007

Popular in absence

I really haven't paying attention to my portfolio site at all. I created it mostly just to display my work and maybe give my resume that needed web edge. A friend of mine just recently talked to me about site traffic and I strolled on over to see how much traffic I was getting.

I haven't done anything on the site in over 3 months. Yet, my traffic keeps increasing on a progressive weekly basis. I'm guessing all the buzz is based on Metronomic, my metronome Os X widget. I also checked my site referrals and I guess it didn't hurt that I got mentioned on a widget watch somewhere:

I'm pretty sure that the majority of the users are still flooding in from the Mac OS X Widget site. But still, it's amazing, I'm getting an average of 1574 UNIQUE visitors each day. That number is accurate as of today. Some other useless statistics that seem pretty silly considering I haven't updated the site, so it's ALL about that widget.

These are UNIQUE, because the TOTAL one includes repeats is actually even higher at (Total Visitors for Year: 361710)
Total Visitors for Year: 212433
Total Visitors for Week: 2522 (more like for today, mon, May 14th + 3 hours tuesday). The actual count for monday is just shy of 2200.

Graph Summary:
Total Bandwidth for Year: 2 008.01 MB
Average Per Day: 14.87 MB

My widget is only 68Kb...

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