Monday, May 21, 2007


"Although being bound by constraints was tedious...
I couldn't bring myself to accept a life free of them.
In the end, it made no difference whatsoever."

A quote from Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society

Ghost In The Shell always delves into interesting issues of politics and psychology. It's a little deep for the majority of people, but that's alright. It is like my own little private treat to be able to think at a much more intellectual level.

The above quote makes me think of people who are unsatisfied in their life. Stuck in a crummy job, having to go to school, bad financial situations, or anything where they feel like they would be better if X happened, or if Y didn't happen, or if they were Z. I believe the truth in the quote is that even if we change those factors, we would still be the same. You're more likely going to make the same good decisions, the same bad decisions, and be the same person even if your situation changed in that one aspect.

You can't play the blame game, because it's not going to move you anywhere. Believe in yourself. Mistakes aren't fatal if you use them as steps rather than poring over the fact that they occurred. A masterful painter does not stop each time he makes a mistake, he weaves it in to his masterpiece.

(I think I'm somewhat of a hypocrit. I don't completely believe in what I say here. But by saying it, I am making myself believe in it a little more every time)

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