Thursday, May 31, 2007

I broke my camera

That's what I get for trying to clean the sensor. My poor Digital SLR. My poor Canon Digital 350D. It's actually not that bad. It's just a little pin I broke, but yet, it's still broken now even though it's such an insignificant piece of the camera. (I broke the 'Sub-mirror hinge'. It's a design flaw that Canon made it so prone to breaking, even if it is within the body of the camera. Repair is a...option. Not a financially reasonable option since it would cost about $200 just for labor, and the camera body is only worth around $500 now. So, I might as well get a new one.

Oddly, I would have thought I'd be much more upset. I think I would have flipped out about how I broke such an expensive piece of technology, but I'm just mellow right now. I'm more worried about not having a camera on hand rather than the fact that I just rendered a 1000$ camera useless. I'm totally Zen right now being immaterial, or I'm a complete idiot.

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