Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Airport Drama

I'm so tired. I went twice to the airport tonight. The first time, I had to pick up my friend's family. Then I drove them back to their house where they had to continue packing and then had to drive them back to the airport for their flight back to Manila.

I was also there last night too since I had to drive my sis and her family. The house is so silent now since all the kids are gone and it's only me and my mom here. It was pretty funnysad last night. My sis started to cry cuz she didn't want to go. Eisner started wailing too. He didn't wanna go back home. Haha. Funny thing is, nevermind that all the luggages have been packed, or that they were at the airport; the thing that finally hit him that he was leaving was when my mom hugged him and told him goodbye. Haha. He was wailing from the food court area, into the washroom and all the way to the security checkpoint. It must have been a solid 5 minutes going. "Nooo I don't want to go back to Balut" haha.

Little Elle on the other hand was pretty silent. She didn't realize that she was leaving til she was at the security checkpoint doorway where she stood up in her stroller and waved with both of her hands. Oh so silly.

It was pretty dramatic too. In the main hallway at YVR where the terminals and the food court meet, some lady was in a hurry rushing with her cart. She either tripped or bumped into someone and took a huge fall onto the floor. It was so odd because right beside her were 2 officers. They didn't look like airport security b/c they had their vests on. I guess it was a good thing they were there so they could call for help a lot faster. She was pretty hefty so I take it she was in pretty bad physical shape. The officers lifted her up to see if she could stand, but after a second she just collapsed back down. It was another 5-10 minutes before the paramedics/fire truck arrived.

Considering how immediate the call for help was, it certainly took a while for the emergency responders to get there.

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