Saturday, June 16, 2007


When I set out to make a widget last year, I was merely trying to think up of something simple, easy-to-use, and practical. It's a metronome, it keeps time, although not accurate as some would like, but it is a basic tool. It ticks in time. It pulses a beat. It's nothing fancy. I was hoping people would find it a practical tool. And yes, I have received responses to that degree, from musicians who found my widget to be an invaluable tool as an alternative to an actual physical metronome.

I received a letter from someone this morning who actually found another use for it. This person has asthma and does Buteyko breathing exercises to perform timed cycles of breathing. He/she was holding a stopwatch in front of their face to help keep their breathing on track. So, somehow, they managed to stumble onto my widget and thus reducing the strain of having to look at a stopwatch. I never thought this widget would make such an impact in someone else's life. But I thank them for letting me have an insight to how my work has made a difference in the real world.

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Stephen A. Joyce said...

It's nice to know that what you do affects others in a positive way. I hope this experience will encourage you to keep up the good fight! You rock Jeff!