Sunday, June 24, 2007

Information... a dangerous thing.
Apparently, I struck a chord with certain individuals that did not know me very well prior.
They felt that I needed to know some things even though they did not directly affect me, and probably should/would not know any other way.
Privied information, is definitely a very dangerous thing.
I'm not as concerned as much of what I should do, but rather how to digest the information.

It affects me, indirectly, only because I know it now. Even then, it's paradoxical because had I not known it, it wouldn't affect me at all. The information serves as information that could give me potential insight, but for now it merely hinders my judgment because I will be second-guessing. Information is dangerous, especially if it exists in a state of flux.

Heed it, and I may avoid the rain, but carrying an umbrella everywhere.
Ignore it, and the sun may still shine, or I may be struck by thunder.

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