Friday, August 17, 2007

Yum yum salmon!

I just realized how good the Wild Sockeye Salmon on Filone sandwich at Starbucks is. At 5.95, it's so cheap! There's other sandwiches on Starbucks' shelves too, but they don't taste as good. I don't get how they price their inventory. One would expect that the salmon sandwiches would cost more (besides the fact that it's local since we get salmon from BC) but I would gladly pay up to 7.50 for this sandwich, while the less tasty ones, the 5.95 price tag does not justify it's taste.

It goes maybe not so well with Caramel Machiatto, I probably should have gotten a tea, or some fruit drink. Salmon doesn't really pair well with coffee or any bitter drink.


Jams said...

ya douche... salmon and caramel macchiato???

mmm try... black tea lemonade (1/2 sweet at most) or an iced passion tea with 1/2 sweet raspberry. makes for yummy yummy combination!

Anonymous said...

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