Sunday, May 31, 2009

Purge Update: Day 7

I have not gotten much movement in the past few days, but I have been throwing out a lot.
I have decided on getting rid of my other old computer table as well. Since I am going for a fresh start, I might as well toss everything old out. My bed is fully dismantled and discarded so that is complete, most of the work now is getting all my old junk in storage bins out or stored in proper places.

I have good fortune doing this while my sister and her family is here. I threw out a lot of backpacks and most of them have been gifted and well appreciated by my nephew and niece. I gave a Monkey backpack to Elle, and a shoe "bag" (the bag itself is in the shape and design of a shoe) for Eisner. I also tossed in a Cathay Pacific backpack for Elle since it's her birthday today.
The nicest prize I gave up was probably a "My First Sony" CFM-2000. It is a bright red radio that looks like it was made for the 80s. (Google it, it looks pretty cool!).

Going through the self-help table at Chapters today, I saw a book called Clutter Busting: Letting Go Of What's Holding You Back . The irony was, I want to clean up my clutter, and I could not justify buying this book because it would only end up in my clutter. Haha.

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