Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturdays are so meh

Went for dimsum today... but I was pretty tired, I don't think I got any sleep til 8am. I'm pretty tired right now, so here's to hoping I might fix my internal clock, take.... day... 25? or more... hahaha

When I got home in the evening, well, like a few minutes before, the battery signal came on, and the radio started cutting out. As soon as I got into the driveway... BLAMO... the car wouldn't start at all. I guess I was lucky I got home at that point since I really wouldn't want to be stuck having to get a tow truck. Hmmm... I'll chalk this one up to luck.

Odd, considering last time, it was the van that had that freak tube failure, when I couldn't steer the vehicle at all, and that failed right when I got to my house too. This current failure is probably electrical and less dangerous, but, maybe not considering how much ice is out on the road. Meh. Saturdays suck.

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