Sunday, December 31, 2006

Segregation of friends

I feel bad in a sense, but I have trust in my instincts of dividing friends from other friends. I have problems mixing people with other people. I'm talking about inviting friends to go out, or invite them to a party. It's not something I do because I don't want them to know each other through me, yet it is exactly that. The most daunting hurdle is people who have different personalities. Some are more open and get along easily with strangers, while obviously some others have difficulties talking to new people. Clashes in personality are not in my best interest since I have no idea what to expect and I'd rather avoid the situation.

One of these "classifications" is the person who doesn't talk at all. You never want to invite them to parties because obviously they're just an ornament and people will feel uncomfortable around them. I guess I understand the situation. I'm either really silent or the opposite depending on the people I'm with. I wouldn't be a fun guest if I was in silent mode. I bring this topic up because what happened recently was at a party, friend "A" says friend "B" is weird, because of exactly that reason, friend "B" just didn't talk to us, and somewhat avoided us and went off to do something.

Is there some type of unwritten rule book regarding this type of behaviour?

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