Thursday, November 30, 2006

Venturing into the snow...

After holing myself up in my house for the past few days, I finally went out today to get some groceries. It wasn't snowing today which was good, and most of the snow/ice has turned to slush so driving wasn't really that bad. As I finish wolfing down my last morsel of rosemary & garlic marinated pork chop, I find myself thinking about the basic activities of grocery shopping. It's actually really exciting if you go in want to try something new. My current zeal is to try out new spices... I was pretty much staring at the spice rack at IGA earlier for about 5 minutes. Basil, Oregano, Bay Leaves, Paprika, Cumin, Pepper, Rosemary... too many choices. I'm not actually sure what each is good for, but I know each one would bring a colourful selection of flavours to the table.

I wish I had someone to cook with... Actuallly I've been thinking for the past few days about how I wish I had a dining club. A group of people to go try out new restaurants maybe once a week. But my current group of friends aren't as savvy about I am at venturing into the unknowns of culinary temptations.

Gary Jules' "Mad World", a track from the Donnie Darko soundtrack is currently repeating in my Winamp selection. This tune has recently gotten a new breath of life from the Gears of War trailer. I recommend this to be watched even if you aren't a video game fan, since it truly is a wonderful piece of editing. Infused with a very despair-inducing music, and a very apocalyptic feel, it just feels so right.

I've also been slow at posting my photos, I took some on the first day of snow, but most ended up blurry. Here's a pic outside my window

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Me said...

that picture looks crazy. it almost looks like a model. hahaha