Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I thought bad news was "good" news?

I hadn't heard anything about any major events regarding the NBA all-star game, this last February in Las Vegas.
I only found a vague reference in another article on CNN regarding the rap industry. Following up on this, I searched on Google regarding events related to the NBA All-star game. Apparently, because of the young NBA fans, which consisted of "gangbangers and trouble makers", violence and crime in the city shot up the 5 days during the event. I pieced most of this from several articles and blogs. The high volume of traffic caused delays at airports. There were reports of fights, shootings, robberies and probably several more which I'm sure aren't as dangerous but still serious.

Is there a news blackout regarding this event? Or... do "they" want this to be kept under wraps?

Here are some links which I cobbled all my data from:

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