Friday, March 02, 2007

My first hockey game!

I was a really big hockey fan when I was younger. I collected cards, watched games on television, memorized names, and even wanted to play in the minor leagues. Unfortunately, I never got anywhere with my passion for hockey since my parents wouldn't let me take hockey lessons. What I really wanted then though, was to go watch a live hockey game. I know it's pretty sad considering I live in Vancouver that I've never been to a hockey game until now, but I am exhilirated after attending it. =D

Canucks 4 > Coyotes 3
We had awesome seats. Section122 Row 6. Right behind the goalie's right side.
That first goal by Jeff Cowan. Man, that was crazy since my line of sight was right behind Curtis Joseph.
I actually hoped for an OT/Tie since I wanted to see a shootout. The seat had a great vantage point especially for those types of setups. I'm still happy that Vancouver won though. Hehe
Best random fan shout of the night has to be "Hey Sopel, get a haircut you bum!" Haaaaahahaha.

I told Melissa I wanted to see a shootout, and she told me that it doesn't happen here often, people in Vancouver are nice. As to what that has to do with shootouts, I have no idea. I have an idea what she interpreted it as, where people carry guns, but that wasn't the case either. haha

I definitely hope to go watch more live games!

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