Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Javascript Joy

I've seen many webpage actually have Lightbox to create their very interactive looking image loaders on websites, but I never actually realized what it was called and that it was a free toolkit until now.
So... based on some recent incentives to explore Javascript and AJAX, I am currently applying updates to my portfolio/website.

I've implemented a blogger RSS feed to my website as my home page news loader so that I can just post updates from my blog. I should have done it a while ago, and well, whatever, it's done and I'm happy as the site is a lot more easier to maintain now.

BUT, I have got to link you to my gallery page to check out my photos, but not only is viewer different, but I have also added, oh, about 60 more photos. It's my best work, in my opinion anyway. I'd like to see what kind of feelings my pictures evoke.

I'm not sure what to think of the unfolding hostage situation in Manila right now. It's a serious situation for sure, guns, grenades, children, hostages... But I'm tempted to chuckle and cheer for the hostage takers as they aren't the standard "we want money" or "free our compatriots" types. They aren't negotiating for money or ideological or even political reasons. No, they're arguing for a champion's cause, to ensure education for the children. (Okay, I guess this may fall under the political umbrella) Sure, terrorism isn't a RATIONAL means of negotiating, but it gets people's attention doesn't it?

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