Saturday, February 05, 2011

C3 Leadership Conference

I attended the C3 Leadership Conference today. I felt a little out of place being one of the few people that was not Korean (since C3 is a Korean Canadian association).

The experience was great though. It was my first time at UBC Robson Square (which is a nice place), and I had a good experience overall. I learned a little bit and a little inspired by both of the keynote speakers: Raymond Chun, Senior VP of TD Canada Trust, and Senator Yonah Martin.

I'm not exactly sure why I went other than I was invited by a friend, but I'm glad I did go. It was something new and it has definitely helped me open up my eyes a little more. This is the first professional development conference I've been to and it is a really weird feeling going as a "young professional." I usually think of these types of conferences as targeted towards more career/field specific, but then I guess that is why they created this conference.

Props to them and I definitely recommend it for people who are still in college/university and needing a little bit of guidance.

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