Tuesday, February 15, 2011

IAT 222 Art Field Trip

Our TA for IAT 222 (Interactive Art) took us, a group of students, to a variety of different art galleries around Vancouver: Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (Centre A), Artspeak, Audain Gallery, and Or Gallery.

We also went to hang out afterwards at the Railway Club.

My review for my favourite stop of the day, Centre A:

The current exhibit at Centre A is "I can see your underwear" by Natalie Purschwitz and Kelly Lycan.

The pieces on display are all created with plastic materials. Most of which are from everyday objects that we throw away such as plastic bags, wrappers and styrofoam. The title of the exhibit is meant to start a dialogue of how we as a society should be ashamed of "being caught" and to realize how much plastic we use. I think it's meant to provoke thought as to the overuse of plastics and how it pervades every part of our life.

I liked all of the installations. There was a sense of fun and whimsical nature such as the exhibit titled "i can see your underwear" which was a swing. I got to swing on it and was intrigued by the different use of plastic ribbons and wigs to support the wooden plush seat.

My favourite installation was "NO NAME 1298", a variety of different packets of freezies hanging on a frame of metal pipes. For me, the variety of colors and odd juxtaposition creates a sense of fun architecture.

I'm not really sure how the installations are related to contemporary Asian art, but the exhibit itself definitely provokes a reflective experience and critical thought on the use of plastics in our society.

Here are some shots from the Centre A exhibit.

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