Wednesday, February 09, 2011

IAT 233 - High Quality Model Day 1

I am starting to get weary from being at school everyday and I'm finally starting to feel the IAT233 burn out.

Our team is getting off to a good start though as we are already researching/testing/prototyping different possibilities for the porous materials of our building. We were fortunate that we got a chance to talk to our prof, Russell Taylor, while we were working. He got us in touch with the possibility of getting our building laser cut and that will hopefully lead to some results or else we are still pretty far behind in our progress.

The challenge is truly a difficult obstacle as we try to increase the complexity of our model's material quality to better represent the material of the building as the structure itself is not comparable (too easy) to the other design precedents assigned to the other teams. So, our challenge is to mimic the porous structure of the walls to create the wow effect that the other teams have merely with the structure of their buildings.

Expectedly, the brunt of our initial work will be hindered by research and testing, and so far we are just trying to get the small work out of the way such as the wall from the old building and the kitchen which are less important parts (and also the only things that we can build for now).

I'm happy I got to decompress tonight though. Dodgeball!
Though we did almost lose all of our games. Out of 16 games we only won 1. LoL. Oh well, a win is a win is a win! =D

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