Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm sick, the throat has now gone into coughing mode.

To top that off, the phone keeps ringing b/c some company has some problem with my parents' account and they've called everyday for the past week, and 7-10 times just today. Grrr!
I also got into a spat talking with someone over MSN. He got presumptuous/pretentious and instigated as if he knew what I was thinking. It was regarding something in my field, and I would probably know more about it than he did, and he said... "do you know anything about it?" before I got a chance to answer, he said "no, I didn't think so". You know what, you don't talk to people like that. God. I hate the fil-chi mentality and that was definitely part of that attitude.
If I ever talk like that to anyone, I would gladly let them punch me in the face. I don't go around assuming I know what/who you are, or judge you by what you do unless you act like an extreme jackass like this example.

My blood pressure was through the roof... I had to go for a walk and cool down. I think I may have punched a wall or two.

I'm not someone who gets angry or infuriated often. I'm someone who's mellow and relaxed even if the house is on fire, so this is really going through me like an adrenaline rush. *smashes keyboard*

May people who be the instigators of non-worthwhile anguish suffer a long, torturous life.

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Me said...

people are jackasses.