Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ruby? RO(a)R!!!!

I'm currently learning some Ruby, and packed with a platform/framework called Rails, and package that all up into a subset environment called Ruby on Rails, or RoR for short. It took a while trying to get it all set up. Actually, I think I might still be setting it up. There are so many server, database, environment related installations I needed to do that when I got them all installed, I was pretty much wondering if I wasn't done yet.

I have started to try out some code, so there's a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing fancy, but I'm happy I'm over the initial hill. It looks like a pretty interesting language/framework to use from what I've gathered. It's a bit like PHP/ASP how it is able to serve up pages dynamically, yet, it's a lot different with how the pages/files are laid out. You program from a different perspective. You can't use PHP/ASP like this...well, not how RoR sets it up anyway. The approach is totally different too. RoR pages are data-driven applications. They're more suited for interaction with data and information from a database.

I also had a DEFINITE feeling of deja vu. It is solidified in my mind that I have seen into the future in past dreams. What cements it in my mind this time, is that it wasn't what I saw, it's what I felt, where I was, and what I was thinking specifically. People say that deja vu is a trick of the mind where one of your eyes sees first, compared to your other eye, or some nonsense like that. I had this inkling of thought I'm not sure.... a year ago maybe? I'm sure it was within the past 2 years, no longer than that.
I had a certain feeling of self-judgement and that I was in the vicinity of the fridge. What brought me the actual feeling was a particular word popped into my mind "soul-searching". It's not really one of those words you use often, so it rang a clear bell in my head of a feeling of "again", "return", or simply "deja vu".

Do you think deja vu is a trick of the mind? I sure don't. I see my future, although what small view it may be.

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