Thursday, October 19, 2006

My parents left earlier today, so now the feeling of being not only alone, but confusion is really building in my mind. I really shouldn't have gone back to Manila in the summer. I lost track of what the heck I was doing those 2 months. I've been looking through more possibilities of design schools I could attend in the states... Arizona State University, Carnegie Mellon, Illinois Institute of Technology. I really think how many problems I'd have to go through trying to apply as an international student and those fees would be pretty heavy.

The sad thing is, I'd probably going in there for another undergrad degree. Sigh... I really wish I knew all this beforehand when I was coming out of high school. It seems like I've already been railroaded before anything has started. Design is what I want to do, not computer science. It just feels like everything I've done in the past 5 years at UBC just a complete waste of time and effort.

When the truth hits you, it really feels like a sledgehammer in your back when you're down.
It resonates even more when you don't have anything to do...

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Me said...

hey hey hey! it's better to realize what you want to do now than fifteen years from now. i know degrees are important, but trust me, EXPERIENCE really speaks volumes as far as jobs. i dont think you should automatically discount certificate programs. check out what they can do for you and if you can get an internship with a design firm.