Monday, October 23, 2006


Ungh... yeah... went to go see The Prestige the other night. It was better than The Illusionist. It was a little more messed up, but it also made the movie more exciting. Someone has poop in their pants... so... it kinda stunk during the whole movie. Sigh

Went to go DOTA it up with some friends yesterday. I think it'll be some weekly thing with nothing to do on the weekends. How can I be more Azn now eh? I play DOTA! If you don't know what that is... just ask any gamer. Well, that's not exactly true. Ask any Asian gamer. Yeah.

I've been feeling pretty nauseous the past 2 days. My throat is pretty dry/scratchy too. I'm not sure if it's my throat, or maybe it's my toncils. I can speak fine... and my throat doesn't really feel dry, but...agitated? it scratches my throat if I swallow.
Chicken Soup. Check. Pumpkin Soup... close enough. Check
So... 2 helpings of soup for breaky/lunch.
Add a honey/milk oatmilk mix for an after-dinner concoction to help my throat...
...what do we get? Not much success, it's still hurtin. I need some suggestions.

I'm switching gears for my job hunt. I don't think I'm going to hit any luck any time soon for a designer position, so maybe I can go for a web application/web dev programmer position. Spent some time making notes on the syntax for PHP today, I'm going to go have to make some for C++/Java since I haven't touched those languages in a while.
Mmm... I'm going to add another chapter of notes for my Mandarin books.

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